Mikhail Christiansen, Deloitte

Content and google analytics are very important at Deloitte. People who also have a strong communication background do better. They can take the numbers and put it in a way that people are familiar with.

Cycle of Death

Executive Receives update

Meeting with Manager

Manager meetings with team

Team develops solution

Fact checking Meeting

Rework and Redo

Manager Meeting with Executive -> goes back to the top.

When executive gets data, He has to get into this cycle over and over again because he has to get into this cycle again.


Seth Nehring, Pathway Worldwide

Seth works with Pathway. Pathway has grown and changed a lot through the last couple of months since the change from Pathway to Pathway world-wide. He works a lot with students and oversees students and content.

PJ, 97th floor

PJ works for 97th floor. 97th floor is a PR agency, they are a typical PR firm. They mostly work and started working with huge clients. They started working with middle cost accounts, that has really been successful so far.  It is a work on your own basis, the results just have to come in.

Trevor Erikson


  • Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner
  • The Science of Social Media (by Buffer)
  • Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn
  • The Side Hustle Show
  • Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Siu
  • My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast
  • Authority Hacker Podcast with Gael & Mark
  • Niche Pursuits podcast (their older stuff especially their public Niche Site Project updates)


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the new data page.

Strategy side of Google Analytics:


In stores, they put the most important things in the back. They have to go through a whole store.

People who go into a store and go in counter clockwise spend 10% more than clockwise.

Smelling fresh bread makes people spend more money.


Testing is always needed.

People are constantly changing.

Building a story of the audience-

Advertiser or web designer or producer has all the power.

There is a story to tell and a story to find based on your store or website.

Stories are remembered 63% more compared to 5% to stats.

People buy more from a company they believe in the story of they believe in.

People use emotion more than logistical

Stories use the whole brain and they are able to connect more with a story teller.

Data + Stories, people are moved both emotionally and intellectually

Best stories= best leaders

How do we reduce the noise? Story

Persuasion and the power of Story- Youtube Video